Nunavut hiring new chief electoral officer

The chief electoral officer will serve a seven-year term and will replace the territory's current CEO, Sandy Kusugak, who's set to retire this spring after nearly 15 years on the job.

Replacement sought for current CEO Sandy Kusugak, set to retire after 15 years on the job

Nunavut's Legislative Assembly is looking to replace its current chief electoral officer Sandy Kusugak. (Sima Sahar Zerehi/CBC)

Nunavut's Legislative Assembly is hiring a new chief electoral officer.

A job posting says the CEO will serve a seven-year term and is responsible for administering the territory's elections, votes under the liquor act and plebiscites across Nunavut.

The position is based out of Rankin Inlet with a starting salary of $125,068, topping out at $178,668.

Nunavut's current CEO, Sandy Kusugak, was appointed to the post in November of 2001 and is set to retire this spring. 

"She has brought consistency and credibility to the whole process," said John Quirke, who serves as secretary to the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut's Management and Services Board, which is made up of five elected officials who will be doing the hiring.

"It's an extremely important position because as you know with our democracy, the holding of general elections, byelections – it's very fundamental to our democracy," Quirke said.

The new CEO will be responsible for organizing two territorial elections including one next year in Oct. 2017. Quirke says work on that will begin in the next few months.

Kusugak's term ended in November, but she's staying on to oversee a May 9 plebiscite on whether or not hamlets and city councils in the territory will be able to sell municipal land to private buyers.