The first half of $15.7 million in annual federal gas tax funding has been transferred to Nunavut in support of community infrastructure projects.

Of that $15.7 million, the government of Nunavut will receive $13.4 million while Iqaluit will receive $2.3 million, or 15 per cent of total funding.

According to a press release, the fund supports 19 infrastructure projects in the territory across 15 communities, including a $10.3 million upgrade to Igloolik's water reservoir and a new water truck fill station in Coral Harbour.

The annual federal gas tax fund was introduced in 2005, making more than $2 billion available to communities across Canada for infrastructure projects. Since then, more than $159 million has made its way to Nunavut communities.

The funds can be used for projects ranging from roads and bridges, to drinking water and recreation facilities. The money can also be banked over time, or pooled with other communities for larger projects.

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