The Nunavummi Disabilities Makinnasuaqtiit Society wants to help employers in Nunavut hire more workers with disabilities.

The society is conducting a survey to find out what support employers need, and what barriers exist for Nunavut businesses when it comes to more inclusive hiring practices.

"Obviously there are potentially some attitude barriers that we have to face when we are looking at economic inclusion and there are some real barriers in terms of physical support and job coaches or things that people need to be successful and have sustained employment," says Carolyn Curtis, the office project manager.

Curtis says helping people with disabilities find work is a major part of the society's mandate.

Roundtable planned

Arctic Ventures Marketplace in Iqaluit already employs a half dozen workers with disabilities, and plans to take part in the disabilities society survey.

"To be honest right now we are pretty much going with our own internal policies," says the head of Human Resources Ed Keddy. "Any support would be appreciated because it would compliment what we are already trying to do."

The co-founder of Arctic Capital Caterers — Remy Desnoyers — agrees. He says with the right support he would love to hire more people with disabilities.

"To wake up every morning, to work go to work and do their whole shift, they are reliable people. I have worked with them in the past. They are always at work with a good attitude and are very good workers."

The survey wraps up by the end of March. The disabilities society plans to hold a roundtable with local businesses in September to share the results and talk about ways to move forward.