The Nunavut government paid out more than $300,000 dollars in performance bonuses to deputy ministers and heads of Crown corporations in 2012/2013.

Peter Mackey, president of Qulliq Energy Corporation, took home the largest bonus that year.

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His $40,000 bonus was far ahead of the next highest, $25,353, which went to deputy minister of Education, Kathy Okpik. But even that was lower than the $43,967 bonus Mackey took home the previous year.

Mackey was let go from his position in November of last year.

CBC requested the bonus pay data through an Access to Information request in February. The information was also requested by a MLA in a written question in the legislature, and the response has now been tabled.  

In all, the Nunavut Government paid out nearly $900,000 in performance bonuses to deputy ministers and president of Crown corporations between 2010 and 2013.

A cabinet committee made up of the premier, finance minister and government house leader decides on the bonuses.