A preliminary inquiry in a manslaughter case has been delayed again in Iqaluit over safety concerns.

Colin Makpah and Abraham Nakoolak are accused in the death of Donald Gamble in Rankin Inlet almost two years ago.

On Wednesday morning, sheriffs used metal detecting wands to screen everyone entering the courtroom but no RCMP officers were present.

About 45 minutes after the hearing was scheduled to start, Justice Andy Mahar told the court there was inadequate security for the hearing to continue that day.

"The judiciary expects adequate levels of security," Mahar said. "At the current time we are unable to proceed." 

Mahar said there are specific safety concerns in this case, but didn't specify what those concerns are.

He said that a case like this would require two uniformed, trained and armed officers present in the courtroom at all times.

Both lawyers in the case agreed that safety should be a priority.

Crown lawyer Chris Punter said he had "no quarrel" with the judge's decision, but added he has not had any concerns for his personal safety.  

Defence lawyer Shayne Kert said, "It is almost tragic that it has come to this."

The hearing will be rescheduled on April 2.