Steps are being taken to make sure some local community radio stations in the North are using language appropriate for broadcast. 

This comes after complaints came in from hamlets and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission that obscene language and hate statements were being aired.

"Obscene language is not appropriate for public radio and will not be broadcast," said Matthew Ayres with the Municipal Training Organization.

"We need to educate radio operators that they have responsibility to not allow that type of speech, type of message over the airwaves."

The organization will be offering a course for community radio operators online in English and Inuktitut through Nunavut Arctic College. The goal is to launch it in September.

"Because the communities are so much larger we need to develop better a protocol on what we're transmitting in our communities," said Brian Fleming, the senior administrative officer in Igloolik.

A public education campaign is also being launched territory-wide.