Nunavik father and son home safe after 2 days in blizzard

A father and son who were missing on the land near Quaqtaq, Nunavik in a blizzard are now safely back in the northern Quebec community.

'I called my wife to say goodbye to her,' says Johnny Oovaut Sr.

A father and son who were missing on the land near Quaqtaq in northern Quebec in a blizzard are now safely back in the community.

Johnny Oovaut Sr. and his son were reported missing on Monday. Oovaut says they were returning to the Nunavik community when the storm hit, and their snowmobile broke down. 

The snow never stopped — for hours and hours,- Johnny Oovaut Sr., stranded in blizzard

A low pressure system brought strong winds gusting as high as 100 km/h.

Environment Canada issued snow squall warnings in the region.

“If you can picture a white sheet of paper, that’s what it looked like — no visibility. We couldn’t see rocks. We couldn’t see anything. It was a white sheet of paper,” Oovaut said.

“The snow never stopped — for hours and hours."

Oovaut says they made a temporary shelter with a tarp and qamutik (sled) and waited for two days in the blizzard, not even eating.

He says he didn't think they were going to make it home alive.

"I called my wife to say goodbye to her, saying we might not survive," he said. "The searchers did not quit, even in this kind of weather, and I am so grateful. They rescued us just when we thought we were not going to make it."

The village says six other people were also somewhere out on the land during this week's blizzard. They are all either back home now or on their way.


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