The Norwegian group looking to salvage the Maud is filming the shipwreck’s final winter in Nunavut.

The group has set up a tent in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, near where the wreck has been sitting in shallow water for about 80 years.

They want to capture images of the ship before beginning next year’s ambitious salvage operation.

"We will basically document the present situation of the ship, during the wintertime. This is the first time we are here during the winter and we wanted to be able to get some material, footage on film, before we actually take the ship back to Norway. And this is probably the last chance," said Jan Wanggaard, the project’s leader.

The group Maud Returns Home was granted an export permit for the wreckage by the Canadian government earlier this year.

The Maud was once sailed by famed Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen. He used the Maud to attempt to cross the North Pole. Eventually, the ship was sold to the Hudson’s Bay Company and sank in 1930.

The Norwegian group plans to bring the Maud back to where it was built in Norway and put it on display.

They say the ship has been severely damaged over the years, but the oak wood still seems to be in prime condition.