The fourth-annual Sports Day in Canada was Saturday and many people across the country, including in the North, spent the day enjoying winter's outdoor sports. 

Yellowknife's 'Olympic Oval' is just one of the ways northerners celebrated the day. 

The skating ring is 200 metres long and located at the Tommy Forrest Ball Park. 

Shane Clark, the head coach for NWT Speed Skating, says the oval is for everyone, including those who have never skated. He says there are certain techniques to get comfortable on the ice. 

"The more pressure on the ice, the more control you have. So, using your own body weight - it doesn't matter what size you are...but if you use your whole body and imagine it pressing through those blades, it's going to give you more control and stability."

This new public skating oval is also part of the Skate to Sochi event. People can log every lap they skate, and those laps will be added together to hopefully span the distance from Ottawa to Sochi, Russia. 

The goal is the make the distance by the time the Olympics air in February.