"When I first came here in 1985 I was awestruck by the area,” says Daniel Hillert of Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. “It always stuck in my mind that I had to come back.”

Twenty-seven years after his first visit to the area, he moved from the west coast of Vancouver Island to Fort Smith in February, and has been taking photos ever since.

“I really enjoy the natural beauty we have up here. It’s kind of unforgiving.”

Hillert published two books of photography focusing on the west coast. This time, he didn’t have any intention of publishing a book, but found himself unable to resist. “I have to share this with people. I have to share this beauty.”

Taking photos in the Arctic winter isn’t always easy. “I go through a lot of batteries,” Hillert admits.

“Just imagine a camera on a tripod and the whole outside of the camera is kind of frosted white with ice crystals all over it. It’s kind of funny to see.”