The North Slave Métis Alliance is taking the federal government to court over its lack of inclusion in the Northwest Territories’ devolution agreement-in-principle.

The North Slave Métis have launched a judicial review application against Canada, accusing the federal government of not consulting with them.

In a news release, the North Slave Métis Alliance said it was originally included in devolution discussions and it doesn't understand why that changed.

Bill Enge, president of the alliance, said the federal decision to not include the North Slave Métis makes him feel indignant.

"The North Slave Métis Alliance has been left out of the devolution agreement," he said. "This is an unacceptable situation. We are an aboriginal rights-bearing people with an organization that's been recognized as an aboriginal government."

Enge says there's a history of issues between the North Slave Métis Alliance and the Territorial Government, but when it comes to devolution it's the responsibility of the federal government to recognize their rights and include them in devolution agreements.

Evidence in the case will be exchanged this week.