Liam and Sophia were the two most popular baby names in Canada's North in 2015, a choice that closely mirrors name preferences in the Canadian provinces.

In collaboration with the vital statistics offices for all three territories, CBC News was able to gather information on the most common names for the N.W.T., Nunavut and Yukon.

The top 5 most common girl names (all territories):

  • Sophia, with 7 babies of that name
  • Abigail, 7
  • Amelia, 7
  • Avery, 6
  • Autumn, 6

The top 5 most common boy names (all territories):

  • Liam, 13
  • Jacob, 7
  • Elijah, 7
  • James, 6
  • William, 5

Looking at the provinces, Sophia was ranked third most common name and Liam was ranked first among boys, according to a national survey by Baby Centre Canada, a website that tracks baby names.

According to Statistics Canada, last year there were approximately 443 births in Yukon, 687 in the Northwest Territories and 898 in Nunavut. The relatively low numbers, compared to the rest of Canada makes it difficult to track trends and name patterns over time.

By the numbers

Top names by territory:


Jack and Sophia

‚ÄčNorthwest Territories

Liam and Abigail


Liam, Mason, Sandy (3-way tie) and Anna, Samantha and Sarah (3-way tie)