No volunteers means no Relay for Life in Hay River, N.W.T.

The bi-annual fundraiser for cancer research is not expected to go ahead this year because no one volunteered to help run it.

Organizers says 'people are busy' and not one person has put their name forward to volunteer

The bi-annual Relay For Life fundraiser in Hay River, N.W.T., isn't expected to happen this year because no one has volunteered to help out with the event.  

There are many fundraisers just like this one across Canada, where family, friends and cancer survivors join together to help raise money for cancer research.

In Hay River, the fundraiser takes place every second year, usually in June. With no Relay for Life last year in the town, 2014 is the year to get the event going again.

But organizer Shari Burnstad says that's probably not going to happen.  

"We didn't get any volunteers. We never got one person, which we were really disappointed about," Burnstad said.

"We need people who will head committees, because every committee takes hours of work."

Burnstad estimates Hay River's Relay for Life has helped raise close to a million dollars since about 2006.

She says it isn't important where the event happens, only that money is raised. That's why Hay River Lions Club is planning to take a team to Yellowknife to participate in the event there.