No parole for 13 years for Adrian van Eindhoven

A Nunavut court judge has ruled a Rankin Inlet man convicted of killing his common-law spouse in 2004 can apply for parole in 13 years. Adjusting for time served, Adrian van Eindhoven could apply as early as 2017.

Rankin Inlet man convicted of killing spouse

Adrian van Eindhoven cried as the decision was read at the Nunavut Court of Justice in Iqaluit this morning. 

In October, van Eindhoven, 39, was found guilty of killing his common-law spouse in 2004. Leanne Irkotee, 22, died of a stab wound near the heart.

Adrian van Eindhoven leaves the Nunavut Court of Justice in Iqaluit in 2013. A judge determined van Eindhoven cannot be eligible for parole for 13 years. Adjusted for time served, that means he could be able to apply as early as 2017. (CBC)

Second degree murder carries an automatic life sentence but the time van Eindhoven can apply for parole varies.

On Friday, the Crown prosecutor asked for 15 years; van Eindhoven’s lawyer asked for 12.

This morning, Justice Earl Johnson issued his decision of 13 years. 

Van Eindhoven has been in custody since 2004 and has been given credit for time served.

That means he’ll be eligible to apply for parole in about four years.

Johnson told the court that Nunavut has the highest rate of spousal murder in Canada.

He described the death of Irkotee as the culmination of “a savage and prolonged assault.”

Johnson says van Eindhoven had a history of threatening Irkotee with knives and making death threats. He was also under a specific order to stay away from her.

Johnson issued a DNA order and a 20-year firearm prohibition order.

At the beginning of the sentencing hearing on Friday, the judge asked Van Eindhoven if he had anything to say.

He stood up and cried while telling the court that this has been a life altering experience for him and the Irkotee family.

He admitted what he did was wrong and said he was a bad alcoholic.  He said he was a woman beater, and admitted that he beat Irkotee but he continued to deny that he stabbed her.

This is the second time the 39-year old Rankin Inlet man has been sentenced for killing Leanne Irkotee.

He was first convicted in January of 2007 but that verdict was thrown out by the Nunavut Court of Appeal and a new trial was ordered.

A second jury found him guilty of second degree murder in October of this year.