A man will not serve any jail time for stealing drugs and forging documents while he worked as a nurse at the Inuvik Regional Hospital in Inuvik, N.W.T.

Benjamin Cox, 31, has been convicted of one count of forging documents and one count of theft under $5,000.

He will serve a 12-month conditional sentence and one year of probation.

Cox worked as a nurse at the hospital for three years. He admitted to stealing painkillers, including Morphine, for years while he worked there before being discovered.

According to court records, he presented himself as a diligent and competent nurse.

But Cox admitted in court he was a bold liar – a person who was not above making up fake patient names and using his wife’s signature to steal drugs.

He also said he destroyed medical records and even signed documents with doctors’ names in order to access drugs.

He said he injected himself with painkillers and did this while he was on the job, sometimes even before treating patients.

Cox is now in Halifax.