Northwest Territories RCMP say they aren’t laying charges against the driver who hit and killed a two-year-old boy in Yellowknife on the weekend.

Sana'a Michael Christensen-Blondin was playing in the yard at Paul Brother's Welding in Kam Lake on Saturday afternoon when one of the company's trucks pulled forward and ran over him.

The truck was a Ford F150 with a portable welder attached.  

Sergeant Marc Coulombe is with the RCMP in Yellowknife.

He says police believe it was an accident.

“At this time there's nothing to show that there's any criminal intent in this investigation, therefore there are no charges,” he says.

“To be negligent you've got to do something to show negligence. The driver got into the truck and started driving away.”

Coulombe says there’s no evidence the driver was impaired or distracted.

But the RCMP is continuing to investigate.