A good samaritan from Whitehorse is helping a couple whose honeymoon bicycle trip ended early due to the bride sustaining injuries in a fall. 

Newlyweds Justin and Meghan Monzon were married Friday. For their honeymoon, the couple planned to cycle from Haines, Alaska, through part of southern Yukon and down to Skagway, Alaska, but on the second day of the trip, Meghan fell while descending a steep hill near Million Dollar Falls.

Haines Junction Yukon municipal workers

A truck driver drove them to the nurse's station in Haines JunctionThe couple was then taken by ambulance to Whitehorse General Hospital.

"The right side of her face is fractured but it's stable," says Justin Monzon. "It doesn't look like it requires any surgery. Her right side of her shoulder is also separated, so that's slinged."

She is expected to remain in hospital for a few more days.

Their bikes and equipment were left behind in Haines Junction and they needed them back so they put out a plea for help online.

Within hours, Justin received a call.

"A gentleman who lives here in Whitehorse offered to get our stuff, and then the other logistical challenge was getting back to Skagway at some point so we can go home once she's released," he said. "He's offered to do both."

Justin says their expectations were exceeded in terms of the kindness and generosity they experienced.

"It's really come together really excellent, all things considered," he said. "It's really unfortunate, especially, you know, since it's our honeymoon, but we'll come back and pick up from where we left off."

The Monzons say they still plan on completing the bike trip someday.