New Yukon judge sworn in

Peter Chisholm, Yukon's newest territorial judge, was sworn in Monday at a ceremony in the Whitehorse courthouse.

Peter Chisholm replaces John Faulkner, who retired last year

Peter Chisholm was worn in Monday at a ceremony at the Whitehorse courthouse 1:12

Yukon's newest territorial judge was sworn in Monday at a ceremony in the Whitehorse courthouse.

Chisholm is a former Yukon defence lawyer and prosecutor.

Most recently he served as the chief Public Prosecutor for Atlantic Canada.

Chisholm told the crowd of well-wishers he hopes to keep the Yukon in the limelight.

"The Yukon has been and continues to be an innovative region,” he said.

“It is important to look for improvements in the delivery of justice and this territory has been on the leading edge in that regard. For example, last year I attended a healing and wellness court in a First Nations community in New Brunswick. The creation of this court was heavily influenced by the Yukon’s community wellness court."

Chisholm is the Yukon's first bi-lingual judge.

He joins Mike Cozens and Karen Ruddy on the territorial bench. He replaces John Faulkner, who retired last year and sits as an occasional deputy judge.


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