One of the big Yukon election issues was protecting the environment.

The Peel River Planning Commission spent six years working on a land-use plan for the area which covers about 67,000 square kilometres of wilderness in northeastern Yukon.

The head of the commission says the next move on the Peel is now up to the newly elected Yukon Party Government.

Chair Dave Loeks says while there are no legal timelines to follow, he's hoping the new government will act quickly to do what Yukoners have asked them to do.

"Yet another round of community consultations, and following that round of consultations then the process has the Yukon government and the four first nation governments somehow doing their best to arrive at some agreements and decisions," said Loeks.

Loeks says the planning commission's work is done and the final plan rests with the Yukon and First Nation governments. 

The Yukon Conservation Society says it will hold the Yukon Party to its commitment of working together on the Peel plan. A planning commission is recommending 80 per cent of the area be withdrawn for protection.

Yukon premier Darrell Pasloski, has not committed to that, saying there's one more round of consultation to go. Although the party won another majority, the Yukon Conservation Society believes most Yukoners want the area protected.

"I don't know if this was a referendum on the Peel but it's very interesting that the three ridings of the communities that are most affected by the Peel plan, none of them elected a Yukon Party candidate," said the society's executive director, Karen Baltgailis.

"That indicates to me probably where those people stand," she said.

Baltgailis says the society will continue to work within the process to protect the Peel.

Premier Darrell Pasloski says the various sides need to get together to come up with a final plan.