A Yukoner who lobbied for regulation of where ATVs can and can't go says new legislation is a first step, but the government could improve on what it's planning.

Ken Taylor is a member of Trails Only Yukon Association, which has been lobbying for no-go areas for all-terrain vehicles.


The Yukon government recently brought in new legislation on ATV use.

MLAs passed legislation this week meant to protect sensitive habitat but Taylor says there's problems with it. One is that it's complaint-driven.

"You have to wait until damage is done  until the place has been severely impacted  and then somebody has to complain about it, as opposed to passing a piece of legislation we would have preferred that would have said you can't do the damage in the first place."

The government says people can ask to have an area protected before it's damaged. Taylor says he'll be pleasantly surprised if that happens.

"We're certainly intending to be very vigilant," Taylor said. "Our organization has over 400 members now and I know most of them personally. They're people who are very active in the wilderness and they'll all be watching."

The government says it will work on new regulations to go with the legislation next year.