New video supports Clyde River's battle against seismic testing

The international Youth Arctic Coalition is hoping a new video that brings together voices from across the world, will bring attention to Clyde River's battle against seismic testing.

The international Youth Arctic Coalition is hoping a new video that brings together voices from across the world, will make people take notice of Clyde River's battle against seismic testing.

The Hamlet of Clyde River, its mayor, Jerry Natanine, and the local Nammautaq Hunters and Trappers Organization have filed a judicial review of last year's decision by the National Energy Board to allow foreign companies to use seismic testing to search for oil off Baffin Island.

"It sets a precedent, an inspiring precedent, for youth who are taking on this struggle in other locations to feel that they are not alone," says Kass Forman, the executive director of the Youth Arctic Coalition.
Kass Forman, the executive director of the Youth Arctic Coalition, says the video is meant to show that "youth around the world are going to be actively engaged and not going to stay silent when we feel that there are injustices." (Youth Arctic Coalition)

In the video, young people from Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Norway, Russia and other countries express their support for Clyde River's battle, in various languages.

Forman says the Youth Arctic Coalition approached Natanine about the project who supported the idea.

"There are international organizations that want to stand behind them, that want to support them," says Forman. "And this should be a source of hope."

'It is immensely helpful'

This isn't the first international show of support for Inuit who oppose seismic testing. Last year, Greenpeace threw its support behind Clyde River and amassed thousands of signatures in an online petition.

"In a strictly legal sense, it doesn't affect it. The law is the law and the judges are there to apply the law," says Nader Hasan, the lawyer representing the Clyde River group. "But from a broader perspective it is immensely helpful."

Forman said he hopes the video shows that this is not just an Arctic- or Nunavut-based issue. 

"The struggle that the community of Clyde River is facing against seismic surveying is one that is shared by some of our colleagues from Norway and other parts of the North as well."

The Youth Arctic Coalition is still collecting messages from young people on its Facebook page


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