A new trial began Wednesday in Yellowknife for a man once sentenced to three years in jail for sexual interference against three girls.

Ten months ago, Gordon Randolph Larsen's conviction was overturned when three appeal court judges said the verdict was flawed.


Gordon Larsen of Haines Junction, Yukon, walks towards the Yellowknife courthouse on Wednesday. Larsen is on trial for a charge of sexual interference. (CBC)

During his initial trial, the 58-year-old denied ever having touched the three girls sexually. He was accused of fondling them in Yellowknife between 19 and 24 years ago.

The trial judge said Larsen wasn't believable, because he remembered some events in great detail, but had no recollection of any interaction with two of the girls.

The appeal court judges disagreed, saying that was no reason to conclude Larsen wasn't being truthful.

The prosecutor wouldn't explain why there is now only one alleged victim in this new trial.

Larsen and the alleged victim were the only witnesses to testify at this trial. Proceedings were stopped twice when the woman needed time to compose herself after breaking down in tears while testifying.

Larsen lived with the woman's family for a time in their Finlayson Drive home in Yellowknife.

The woman said when she was eight or nine years old she awoke from a nightmare. She said she knocked on her parents' bedroom door but they didn't wake up. Larsen told her to lie down on the couch where he slept, and she said he touched her sexually.

Larsen said he recalled the girl waking up and lying down beside him, but said there was no sexual touching involved.

Larsen's lawyer suggested the girl is confusing a childhood nightmare with reality.

The judge will give her verdict Thursday afternoon.