New study looks at rail line from Yukon to Haines, Alaska

A Canadian firm recently spent $90,000 looking at the possibility of building a rail line from Carmacks, Yukon to Haines, Alaska.

To cost billions of dollars and require the commitment of both U.S., Canadian governments: study

A new study suggests it will take billions of dollars, as well as the commitment of the U.S. and Canadian governments and private industry to build a railroad from Yukon to Haines, Alaska.

The $90,000 study, compiled by a Canadian firm, looked at several options, including building a line from Carmacks, Yukon to Haines.  

But Stephanie Scott, the mayor of Haines, wonders how the development would affect people in the tiny community southwest of Whitehorse.  

"I know that the people of Haines treasure the beauty of this environment and don't want to have that sense of peace and serenity disrupted."

Though Scott does concede there is an economic benefit to installing a rail line and ultimately expanding a port facility.  

The study is still in a draft form. The final report will be released later this year.