New renderings showing the interior of the new Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife have been released.

The Northwest Territories government says the designs are inspired by a number of northern landscapes: the barrenlands, the aurora borealis, rivers and forests, lakes, mountains and the Arctic.

"The landscapes represent not only the rich physical geography of the Northwest Territories, but also the varied lifestyle and culture that is characteristic of its communities: the people, local resources, animals and plants, daily activities, handicrafts and traditional ceremonies," says the government's design plan.

Each of the landscapes have been assigned to a floor in the building. The new hospital is expected to open in 2019.

Second Floor Stanton Territorial Hospital

The second floor design is said to be inspired by the rivers and forests of the Northwest Territories (Government of the Northwest Territories)

New labour, delivery and recovery room in Stanton Hospital

Labour, delivery and recovery rooms will also be housed on the second floor of the hospital. (Government of the Northwest Territories)

Third floor of Stanton Hospital

The flooring and wall designs of the third floor are inspired by the lakes of the territory. (Government of the Northwest Territories)

Fourth floor of the Stanton Territorial Hospital

The mountains of the Northwest Territories are what inspired the design of the fourth floor of the hospital. (Government of the Northwest Territories)

Fifth floor of the Stanton Hospital

The top and fifth floor of the new Stanton Hospital is inspired by the territory's Arctic region. (Government of the Northwest Territories)