The Yukon government has unveiled a new set of regulations aimed at bolstering the safety of its water supply.

The proposed regulations will affect all levels of the supply from water providers to local municipalities and water delivery trucks.

Under the new legislation all water operators would have to be licensed and water providers would be required to do more testing.

Pat Brooks, Yukon's drinking water coordinator, said the new system is a response to the tainted water tragedies in Walkerton, Ontario and North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

"Particularly since Walkerton people are very interested in their water. They do ask questions," Brook said. "So they want to be assured that there are checks and balances in place."

If the regulations are accepted, the City of Whitehorse could have to invest in an expensive water filtration system and all water trucks will be forced to install new steel tanks.

The changes would take place by 2010.