New details in Yellowknife death of Yvonne Desjarlais

Court documents present new details in the police investigation of a 63-year-old woman found dead in a Yellowknife alley just over a year ago, and show the lengths police went to find a suspect.

Yellowknife police believe a woman who was found dead in a downtown alley more than a year ago was taken there after she was killed.

Yvonne Desjarlais, 63, was found in the early morning hours of December 30, 2012.

Six and a half months later, police charged David Richard Harrison, 28, with first degree murder.

Court documents that just became available present new details in the case, and show the lengths police went to find a suspect.

Desjarlais was last seen alive was at 10:15 the night of Dec. 29, a Saturday.

She stopped to chat briefly with a relative, then said she was going to the Gold Range to get a cigarette.

Eight hours later, paramedics found her unconscious in an alley and tried to revive her, though they believed she had died some time earlier.

She wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. Dried blood was streaked over the lower half of her face; there was swelling and bruising around her eyes.

According to the documents, investigators believe Desjarlais was taken to the alley after she died, because there was no blood on the snow there.

They seized surveillance video from nearby banks.

Then they got phone records from two cell towers that transmitted in the area where Desjarlais was found, in an attempt to identify suspects.

They later collected DNA evidence from an empty commercial property a street over, that once housed Le Stock Pot, believing David Harrison was staying there.

Four months later police arrested Harrison — a man with a violent criminal history — and collected samples of his DNA.

The case is back in court next week, when a date will be set for his preliminary inquiry.