Yukon NDP Leader Liz Hanson. ((CBC))

Yukon NDP leader Liz Hanson wants the government to reveal how much it's spending to re-route the Dome Road in Dawson City so a placer miner can get at the pay dirt below.

Darrell Carey’s Slinky property straddles the road inside town limits.

The road passes through a residential area on its way to a scenic look-out on top of the Midnight Dome.

The Yukon Government has agreed to re-route the road so Carey can resume his quest for gold.

Carey, in turn, will give up the claims after three years and the land will be converted to residential use.

Dawson City councillors voted by a narrow margin last month to approve the plan.

But opposition leader Liz Hanson is skeptical.

“What guarantee do the ministers involved have that the miner will in fact give up his claims after three years and how, how will the government enforce this?”

Hanson also wonders how much the new road construction will cost.

Mines minister Scott Kent says that's not known yet.

He says the deal is meant to accommodate the miner's rights, while ensuring the land will eventually become residential.

“We're looking for a solution here that meets the needs of the placer miner and respects the rights of the placer miner associated with those pre-existing claims.”

Hanson accuses the government of supporting the placer miner, but not residents living in the area who don't want mining in their neighbourhood.