The Canadian Northern Development Agency — or CanNor — announced $7.4 million in funding for geoscience research across all three territories in Iqaluit on Friday.

Navdeep Bains, the minister responsible for CanNor, made the announcement at the Iqaluit airport, using the geotechnical surveys that informed the airport's construction as an example of how geoscience research can be used.

The research funded will provide direction for major infrastructure projects, mining exploration and climate change adaptation.

"We recognize they need good quality reliable data," Bains said. "That's why investment in geoscience is so critical because that's a key component in being able to determine those [infrastructure] opportunities."

Funded projects include examining mineral potential in the Kitikmeot region of Nunavut and seabed mapping in Frobisher Bay, as well as landslide assessment in Yukon and several approaches to finding diamonds in the N.W.T.

Over the next two years, Nunavut will receive $2.7 million, the Northwest Territories will receive $3 million and the Yukon will receive $1.75 million.

In the Yukon and the N.W.T., the territories' geological surveys will oversee the funds, while in Nunavut, the department of Economic Development and Transportation will oversee the funds.