Yellowknife RCMP have charged a man in connection with a stabbing near Coyote's Lounge over the weekend.

Nathan Hodges, 24, has been charged with one count of aggravated assault.

Chase Van Metre was stabbed 15 times outside Coyote's early Saturday morning. His mother Stacey Van Metre says he was released from hospital on Tuesday.

"They were working on him for hours and hours stitching up him," she said. "One of the stabs actually bounced off one of his ribs, thank God, or else it would have hit his lung."

She said Chase was with friends playing pool in the bar and when the bar closed, he went outside to the parking lot and got stabbed. 

Van Metre says she plans to leave Yellowknife with her three children as soon as her son recovers.

"We all grew up here; the kids went to school here; they all graduated here," she said. "Yellowknife's just changed. It's not safe. I don't feel safe in this community any longer." 

Hodges is scheduled to appear in court in Yellowknife on Friday morning. Police say he is associated with the 856 gang that was targeted in two drug raids Tuesday night.