The Na-Cho Nyak Dun First Nation in Mayo, Yukon, are publishing a book dedicated to preserving Northern Tutchone beadwork this summer.

Come Walk With Me will catalogue current and historical examples of the region's beadwork and slipper making.

Joella Hogan, Na-Cho Nyak Dun heritage manager, says the project will illustrate the blend of traditions in the community and the patterns and designs used by different First Nations.

"It's the Northern Tutchone culture but we also have a lot of ancestry from Gwich'in communities as well as the Slavey communities," she says. "So you can see how those beading styles and traditions and culture have influenced the beading styles that are currently in the community."

Kaylie-ann Hummel is the project manager and the First Nation's newly elected youth councillor.

Slipper beadwork

'Come Walk with Me' will showcase the patterns and designs used by different First Nations in the Mayo region. (Karen McColl)

"We just wanted to document Northern Tutchone beadwork and have it documented for younger people to be able to learn in the future," she says. 

The book will combine new work with beading from elders as well as archival photographs. Most of the work is being done locally but researchers also travelled to the National Archives in Ottawa.

Na-Cho Nyak Dun's first independently made book is expected out this summer.