Two people in a taxi from Fort Providence to Yellowknife caught the sight of a lifetime: a pack of wolves trying to take down an animal from a small herd of bison.

In a video shot from a moving car, three wolves scatter from the herd as the car approaches.

“Those buffalo got saved by us,” one of the passengers says.

Kerry Mercer posted the video to his Facebook page Sunday.

“Well that was the sight of a lifetime,” someone in the car says. “That was amazing.”

The person then thanks the driver for slowing down.

“No problem,” he says. “It’s good to see.”

It's not uncommon for people to take a taxi between Yellowknife and Fort Providence — a distance of about 315 kilometres. 

It's not clear which taxi company they were using. 

Yellowknife's City Cabs says it charges $650 for the trip.