The N.W.T. Department of Municipal and Community Affairs is stepping in to help run the Hamlet of Enterprise.

In the co-management agreement, MACA will be putting in a temporary senior administrative officer.

Mayor John Liskew says turmoil within the hamlet office has gotten in the way of progress and that right now the emphasis is on stabilizing things so they can move forward.

"What happens is because our policies and procedures are not clearly defined," he says. "One councillor might see it one way, another councillor might see it another. Staff may see it a third way. So right now I'm looking at emphasizing the importance of having a very structured policy and procedure manual that leaves less up to interpretation and hopefully less turmoil caused by differences of opinion."

Terry Testart will no longer be the hamlet's SAO. Liskew says that decision was mutual.

Liskew says dissolving council was also discussed in meetings with MACA. Anyone who may want to run for council or mayor in the future will also attend courses MACA provides. Liskew says that will help them clearly define their role and choose a permanent SAO.