A literacy program in Fort Good Hope, N.W.T., is teaching kids the connection between the ABCs and measuring cups.

The Little Chefs program at the Chief T'selehye School in the community uses books and cooking to get kids excited about reading.

Program organizer Lael Kronick reads a story about cooking, then the group of about 15 young kids heads to the kitchen to put what they just read to good use.

"There are a lot of kids who aren't that into reading, maybe reading isn't their strength, so I think it's great when you have a program that involves books and something practical that they already love," said Kronick.

Last week, the children read a story about how to bake apple pie, then learned to make apple crumble.

Kronick said not only does this program help improve literacy skills, it also gets the kids excited about foods they may otherwise not want to eat.

"I was really excited about a program we did this summer where we made salads. They were kind of skeptical at first, but we brought vegetables from our community garden and they got really excited about mixing it together and ended up liking it more than they expected."

Just as salads were a hit in the summer, this week’s apple crumble was gobbled up pretty quickly.