The N.W.T. government says it will take steps to have lifeguards patrol the Long Lake beach again in Yellowknife.

Patrick Scott, whose seven-year-old grandson drowned there in June, was at the legislative assembly Thursday with his family to hear the announcement from Minister David Ramsay.  


Lodune Shelley, 7, drowned in Yellowknife's Long Lake in June. On Thursday, the N.W.T. government pledged to put lifeguards on the territorial park beach. (Facebook)

Scott says it's the right thing to do.

"We get what the public want, not what I want. What the people of Yellowknife want. They want safety at that beach," he said. "I suspect Lodune's smiling, and one word he used to use and I would say it's appropriate right now, 'awesome.'"

The beach is in Fred Henne Territorial Park within Yellowknife city limits. At one time, the City of of Yellowknife provided lifeguards for the beach through an agreement with the territorial government.

The government says it will consult with the City of Yellowknife to see if a partnership can be made to start up the lifeguard program.

Ramsay says public consultations will be held with guidance from the Lifesaving Society. If all goes well, lifeguards could be posted at the beach next summer.