The Native Women's Association of the N.W.T. has put off electing a new president and board until next March after a poor turnout at its annual general meeting.

Only about 10 voting members showed up at the meeting in Yellowknife on Tuesday.


Marilyn Napier, interim president of the Native Women's Association of the N.W.T., will remain president until a special general meeting next March after the vote was postponed. (CBC)

"I don’t feel in my heart that I can go forward with this," said Bren Kolson, a voting member from Yellowknife. "There are not enough people to elect a new president."

Kolson said there should have be representation from all Northwest Territories communities.

The current interim president, Marilyn Napier, was happy when the motion to postpone the election passed.

"It gives us more time to do the work that we really need to do to bring in more representation for the North," she said.

Shirley Tsetta said business should have gone on as planned and that the empty seats reflect years of frustration from internal conflict that members don't want to be a part of.

"Today is an indication of where we are because of what's been going on with the organization," she said. "So to delay the business, it's sort of like putting a Band-Aid on a problem that's been going on for years."

Despite the rocky start, the women ended the meeting by talking about the issues on the horizon, such as resource development and devolution.

Those issues will be on the agenda at a special general meeting next March to elect the new president and board. Delegates hope that winter roads, and access to more funds, will bring in more representatives from all NWT communities then.