N.W.T. MLA Robert Hawkins was kicked out of the legislature for the rest of the day, by the Speaker of the assembly on Friday morning. 

The suspension happened after Hawkins refused to apologize for remarks he made last week.

Speaker Jackie Jacobson ruled on a point of order the Finance Minister raised last week, saying Hawkins broke the rules when he accused deputy ministers of shifting money around and deliberately not filling jobs. Hawkins said "It's my view it's tantamount to breaking the law."

Jacobson ruled Hawkins was targeting a small group of people. He says members are not allowed to insult, slur or slander people, especially people who are not there to respond.

"Mr. Hawkins clearly called the personal integrity of those individuals into question by suggesting they'd broken the law and re-appropriated money for pet projects," said Jacobsen.

He ordered Hawkins to withdraw his remarks and apologize.

Twice Hawkins tried to explain himself, but he would not apologize and the Speaker suspended him from the assembly for the rest of the day.

The rules of the legislative assembly allow that if another motion is brought forward, Hawkins could be suspended for even longer.