A human rights tribunal in Fort Smith, N.W.T. will hear from cabinet minister Michael Miltenberger today, who is accused of asking a transgender woman to leave a building the governor general was touring.

Gabrielle Landrie, who was a math and business student at Aurora College, alleges the minister re-routed Gov. Gen. David Johnston on a visit to the college to avoid contact with her because she is transgender. Landrie testified Tuesday that Miltenberger asked her to leave the building because Johnson was "spooked" by her.


N.W.T. cabinet minister Michael Miltenberger will take the stand today at a human rights tribunal looking into an allegation by a transgender woman that he asked her to leave during a 2011 visit by the Governor General to her school. (CBC)

The way transgender people self-identify does not necessarily match their biological sex. Landrie was born male but identifies and dresses as a female.

Miltenberger's lawyer, Karen Lajoie, questioned Landrie Tuesday on what she says are assumptions Landrie made about the minister.

Landrie said Miltenberger approached her with what Landrie called "an extreme look of prejudice on his face." She also said she believes the minister had prejudged her and was "smirking" when he approached her.

Lajoie asked if Landrie's experience being abused as a transgender individual could have caused her to prejudge the minister.

Landrie countered saying, as a transgender individual, it is not hard to tell when someone is looking at you with disgust.

On the stand Landrie said she believes the RCMP and the Governor General's guards knew she would be on campus that day and she felt she was being targeted.

Landrie told the tribunal what she is really looking for is an apology from Miltenberger, delivered in front of everyone at the college.

Miltenberger will take the stand Wednesday and face questions from Landrie, who is representing herself.

It will be the first time Miltenberger addresses the accusations publicly. Up until now he has only released a 12-page statement prepared by government lawyers.

Miltenberger has admitted to telling Landrie that Johnson was "spooked" but denied asking her to leave the building. The statement also said several witnesses saw Landrie loitering and looking for attention on the day of the incident.