The Northwest Territories’ Environment and Natural Resources Minister said he hopes to reintroduce the embattled Wildlife Act changes to the legislature this fall.

Michael Miltenberger withdrew the bill in the summer after last-ditch efforts to get it passed among members of the legislative assembly failed.

But Miltenberger said the bill, which has gone through about 60 drafts and many rounds of public consultations, is almost complete.

"We have a couple of key areas of contention more to do with the politics than the content. It’s still one of the best bills in the country," he said.

Aboriginal groups with settled and unsettled land claims in the territory disagree about who should sit on the conference which would make wildlife management decisions.

Miltenberger said he is planning to go to regional centres and gather feedback through meetings and submissions. He said he also wants feedback from resident hunters and industry, who have said the proposed bill does not reflect their concerns.

Miltenberger hopes to reintroduce the Act this fall so that it can be passed in 2013.