N.W.T. man sentenced to six years for brother's death

Wilfrid Buggins pleaded guilty to manslaughter for shooting his brother three years ago.

A Northwest Territories man was sentenced in Hay River Tuesday to six years for the shooting death of his brother.

Wilfred Buggins shot Raymond Cecil Buggins twice in the abdomen at his cabin near Enterprise. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Buggin’s lawyer had asked for a sentence closer to four years, the minimum in a case like this.

The lawyer also asked the court to take Buggins’ age, nearly 70, into account.

Northwest Territories Supreme Court Justice V.A. Schuler said she recognized that what Buggins did will weigh heavily on himself and his family.

But she said that given his age and the fact he is an experienced hunter and trapper he ought to know the danger of mixing firearms and alcohol.

The judge also banned Buggins from possessing guns for 10 years after his release.

Though he was sentenced to six years, Buggins has 18 months left to serve. The judge gave him one and a half times credit for the three years he's spent in jail since his arrest.

She also recommended that Buggins serve his sentence in the Northwest Territories so he can have maximum contact with family.