Miranda Currie suffered a brain injury 18 months ago. She outlined the problems she's had with income support in a poem, which was read to the legislative assembly last week. (CBC)

A Yellowknife woman who flagged problems with the territory's income support program says she's going to be helping the department improve its service.

Miranda Currie, who is on disability assistance, spoke publicly last week about her problems dealing with staff and getting her payments on time.

She says the deputy minister of the N.W.T.’s Department of Education, Culture and Employment met with her at her home in Yellowknife’s Woodyard neighbourhood and asked for her input on how to improve income support as someone who uses the service.

"They seem really interested to know what that feels like for me and that's helpful," she said.

Currie said she'd like to see staff receive more compassion and empathy training and said since speaking about her struggles with income support, others have been sharing their own stories with her.