People living in hamlets across the territory are heading to the polls Monday.

Nine communities are holding elections for mayor and council.

There's also a byelection in Fort Liard.

Close to 80 names are on ballots across the territory.

Byelection results coming in

Results are in from byelections recently held in the territory.

The final seat on the Salt River Band Council in Fort Smith, N.W.T., will be held by Judith Gail.

A byelection was held to break a previously tied vote for the seat. Gail beat former MLA Jeannie Marie Jewel by a count of 151 to 101. 

In a byelection for Smith’s Landing, a new chief was acclaimed.

Fredrick Andrew Wanderingspirit is the only person who filed papers to run for chief by the Dec. 3 deadline.

Wanderingspirit will only hold the position for the next six months.

In June 2013 a full election will be held and the band will vote for a new chief and council.