The Northwest Territories' Department of Transportation will hold public consultations next month as part of its plan to straighten a treacherous portion of the Ingraham Trail highway.

The government is considering three options for moving and straightening a section of the 70-kilometre Ingraham Trail that passes through Giant Mine where the road swings around open pits and mine buildings.

One optionwould cut through Fred Henne Territorial Park, another would go by the landfill and a thirdpossibility would be a shorter route along Great Slave Lake.

But alreadythere is debate. Walt Humphries of Yellowknife said he does not support the idea of cutting through a park, preferring instead one of the other two options.

Amember of Yellowknife city council, however,said the park option has some merit. Coun. Shelagh Montgomery said it could open up more land for residential development, something the city desperately needs.

The other two route options would pass too close tothe landfill and the mine, she said.