The Northwest Territories Disabilities Council is stepping up to operate the Yellowknife day shelter for April and May.

The shelter was scheduled to be closed from the beginning of April until September.

Denise McKee, the executive director of the council, says there was concern when the council heard the shelter might close, because many homeless people have disabilities.

She says they want to make the shelter more holistic and a place that's more useful for its clients.

That includes workshops on health issues.

McKee says they're looking for volunteers interested in teaching a skill or just helping with day to day stuff..

"If people within the community would like to get involved, of course we take in articles of clothing, personal hygiene stuff, those kinds of things."

McKee says they're interviewing people for the staff jobs, including existing staff.

She says the building where the shelter is now will be torn down after May, so this will give the health authority time to make other arrangements.