N.W.T. baby "All of a sudden" born just outside health centre

A woman in Fort Good Hope, N.W.T. says she was just inside the community's health centre when "the baby came out... he was inside my pants already."

Baby boy's Slavey name means "all of a sudden" in English

Fort Good Hope baby 1:31

A woman in Fort Good Hope, N.W.T., gave birth on her way to the community's health centre last week.

On Jan. 8, Chelsea Gully went into labour six weeks before her due date.

"I was at home and had been getting tightness in my lower belly," she said.

She called the local health centre.

"They said I wasn't going into labour because the baby was like, laying sideways inside of me," she said.

When the pain didn't go away she called her aunt. Her aunt called the health centre and told them Gully was in labour. 

?ede Zare was born to Chelsea Gully at the Fort Good Hope health centre Jan. 8. Gully went into labour six weeks before her due date. (CBC)

On the way to the centre, Gully says she could feel her baby's head coming out.   

"As I was walking to that building the baby was slowly coming out, and as soon as I got outside of the emergency door, the baby came out. He was inside my pants already."

Gully and her new baby boy were medevaced to Yellowknife where they are both recovering and in good condition.

Gully's son's Slavey name, ?ede Zare, means "all of a sudden" in English.

Gully says she's looking forward to going back home later this month. 


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