Yukon and the N.W.T. are near the bottom of the class when it comes to 'red tape' for businesses.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses gave the N.W.T. an 'F' and the Yukon a 'D' in its national report Tuesday.

Peter Turner, president of the Yukon Chamber of Commerce, says the Yukon government could help small business owners by consolidating and streamlining services in Whitehorse.
"There's not a great deal of sensitivity for the needs of the business community to have approvals granted on a timely basis, and you know that could make or break a business proposition," he said.

Turner says anything the government can do to allow business owners to focus on their business rather than filling out forms is a good thing. He says there have been improvements, such as bringing services online.

N.W.T. was the only province or territory to receive a failing grade.

Manitoba received a 'D-,' and Alberta got a 'D'.

British Columbia took the top mark of 'A.' Nunavut was not graded.