CKLB radio in Yellowknife is laying off 11 employees today after receiving less funding from the federal government than it was expecting.

The station will stop producing local and aboriginal language programming; two people will stay on to play music and commercials.

Funding has been a problem for the last couple of years at CKLB. The station has waiting for this year's funding from the federal government since April.

It finally came in, but it was less than they expected. 

"The government said 'Hey, good news, we got your funding in' but it's really late, and it's less than what we have received in the past, so basically it's too little, too late," said station manager Deneze Nakehk'o.

He says they've been asking the federal government for a three-year funding agreement but that hasn't happened yet.  

Lawrence Nayally, a language radio announcer and producer of a program called Feel Real Radio, says the situation is "just sad."

"Being in a position where you go into communities, where you get to listen to elders and leaders, it's like a lifeline to many smaller communities."

The radio station will remain on air with reduced programming because of licensing and contracts with advertisers.