N'Dilo chief calls healing session after stabbing death

Chief Ernest Betsina says the community needs to talk about how to support young people and hopes tonight's meeting can help those dealing with Daniel Faine's violent death over the weekend.

Chief Ernest Betsina looking for suggestions for how to support young people

The chief of N'Dilo is calling on the community to come together tonight to talk about how to help young people in the community who need support.

Ernest Betsina and his council called for a healing session following the stabbing death of Dainel Faine, 21, last Saturday.

Ndilo Chief Ernest Betsina has called a community meeting after a 21-year-old was stabbed to death over the weekend. (CBC News )

"I'm open to suggestions of how can we not let this go by, how can we help our youth as much as we can. I want to hear them out, I want to hear the youth, I want to hear the adults, I want to hear the parents," he said. 

Betsina said tonight's meeting is also meant to help people deal with Faine's violent death. It is being held in the N'Dilo gym starting at 7 p.m.

Prior to his death, Faine had been struggling for months with the loss of his father. He had reconnected with him after the death of his mother several years ago. 

Daniel Faine, 21, was interviewed by CBC in July 2013 after he helped rescue children from a house fire in N'Dilo. Faine died Sept. 14 as a result of stab wounds. (CBC News)

A 17-year-old girl from the community is charged with second degree murder in connection with Faine's death. There wasn't enough room for her relatives and friends in a small Yellowknife courtroom this morning.

About a dozen people had to wait outside as the judge announced he was releasing the girl on $5,000 bail pledged by her father.

There were more than twenty conditions placed on her release. She is not allowed to leave her house except to go to school, work and court as well as to report to her probation supervisor and the RCMP.