A group of Yellowknifers out for a hike over the weekend spotted a muskox along the trail to Cameron Falls. 

The large animal is typically found much further north, although some have been spotted out along the East Arm of Great Slave Lake.

Mitch Drake was on the walking trail when a group of people behind him spotted the muskox.

"All of a sudden they started screaming and making lots of noise so we turned around and went back thinking someone had fallen or something had happened," he said. "It was that they spotted a muskox on the other side of the water on the trail we had just been walking on. So, it's kind of a surprise and a kind of cool thing to see."

Drake says the muskox appeared to be on its own and darted back into the trees when it spotted the hikers.

Drake is from Calgary, and was visiting a friend who lives in Yellowknife.

He says if it wasn't for the group who first spotted the muskox, he wouldn't have known what it was — or that it doesn't belong in the North Slave region.