The trial of a Cape Dorset man charged with second-degree murder gets underway Tuesday in the community.

Elee Geetah, 22, was arrested in October 2010 after a stand-off in the community. 

RCMP say it took them three-and-a-half hours to disarm a man who was inside a Cape Dorset home. 
Several gunshots were fired from within the house. The Iqaluit-based emergency response team and a negotiator were brought in. 

The body of of 23-year-old Jamesie Simigak was later found inside the residence.

Geetah has been in custody since the incident. 

He also faces other charges including assault, discharging a firearm with intent, other firearm-related charges and mischief.

Crown and defence lawyers had previously agreed in court to hold the murder trial first, then decide what to do with the remaining charges.

The trial is by judge alone and is expected to last five days.