A Yukon jury heard testimony Tuesday from a police officer who was injured during a high speed chase near Haines Junction two years ago.

RCMP Cpl. Kim MacKellar was hit by metal shards after a bullet struck his police truck.

Chris Cornell, 31, is facing attempted murder and seven other charges in connection with the incident.

MacKellar testified that after getting a call to a robbery in progress at Madley’s General Store, he saw a man jump into a dark-coloured SUV. The vehicle backed up into a guardrail before leaving the parking lot at high speed, passing just a couple of metres away from where the police officer was standing.

MacKellar said he didn't get a good look at the man and was unable to identify Cornell in court.

He said he jumped into his police truck and chased the suspect north on the Alaska Highway at speeds of up to 130 km/h, dodging objects being thrown out of the fleeing vehicle.

Then something hit his windshield. At first he thought it was something thrown from the vehicle until he saw a bullet hole in the windshield and the smashed radar detector.

MacKellar said he still has metal fragments in both eyes and needs another operation. He has also had metal fragments removed from his shoulder, neck, chest and face.

Crown attorneys have wrapped up their case. On Thursday the jury is expecting to start hearing the defence case and testimony from Cornell who has pleaded not guilty to all charges.